Top 10 tips for better home security in 2017

Now is the time to establish new habits and change old routines. 

  1. Get a smart alarm

A home security camera stops the thief already outside the house.

  1. Check all locks

Make sure all windows have locks and all lock functions. For example it is quite common to patio doors and the like have old or substandard locks.

  1. Do not advertise valuables

Avoid placing your new laptop or tablet right by the window where it is visible from outside.

  1. Chatting with the neighbors

Help each other to keep an eye on the houses. The more eyes the better, the neighborhood is an important part of avoiding crime.

  1. Install timers

If the thief think someone is at home in the house, it is less likely to break. Installing timers for the lights around the house, park a car in the driveway or post some of the children’s toys on the lawn.

Before you read ahead, have a look at the below infographic for more details.

Home security tips

  1. A smoke alarm in every room

Smoke alarms are a must in every home safely. Gladly one in each room and communicating with each other – an alarm alerts everyone. Make a habit to check the old wires and electrical appliances. A small spark can lead to a large fire.

  1. Unplug the charger

Fires in the home caused by new technological gadgets are becoming more common. A tablet or mobile on charge in the sofa or chair can be very hot. The heat increases the risk of fire, especially if an article of clothing or a blanket happened to end up on top. Always tech gadgets on a table and unplug the charger when it is fully charged.

  1. Buy a safe

Make it difficult for the thief by storing jewelry, passports and other valuables in a safety deposit box, safe or just well-hidden in an alarmed space. Skip strumplådan.

  1. Wait vacation photos on social media

Sure it’s fun to facebooka holiday, but wait to add up all the lovely holiday until you’re back home. Otherwise, the risk status updates from the beach is clean burglary advertising.

  1. If the accident occurs – always call the police!

Sign burglary as soon as you discover it.


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